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Myers Brothers Tree Care LLC

Myers Brothers
Loren Myers - Josh Myers - Eric Riley
The Myers Bros. Crew

Services Offered:

Tree Trimming: Crown Cleaning, Weight Reduction, Reduction of height and spread, Structural Clearance. Performed according to the guidelines of the International Society of Arboriculture, to improve health, safety, and appearance of your trees.

  • Before Tree Trimming
  • After Tree Trimming
  • Before Tree Trimming
  • After Tree Trimming
dieased leaves
Diagnosing and treating tree diseases.

Tree Health Consultations: diagnosis of health and diseases, recommendations for improvement.

Tree Cabling Systems: Dynamic cabling systems to support heavy branches and prevent breakage.

Defensible Space: Proper reduction of ladder fuels to reduce risk of fire damage to property.

Stump Grinding: Grinding out stumps of removed trees.

Tree Removal: Removal of dead, hazardous, overgrown, poorly planted trees.

Professional tree removal
Removing an unwanted tree

Myers Brothers Tree Care LLC is locally owned and operated by Josh and Loren Myers.

Our team, or “tree brothers” as we call ourselves, is a licensed and fully insured tree care company.

We prune trees in accordance with the ANSI A300 standards, as well as the standards of the International Society of Arboriculture.

About Josh Myers

Aborist Josh Myers
Josh Myers
Aborist Josh Myers

Josh Myers: ISA Certified Arborist WE-11397A, Graduate of Forest Management and Ecology (UNR) I am a devoted volunteer with the United States Wolf Refuge, and passionate about all things related to wildlife, natural Science and ecology. I see every tree as a contributing member to our Urban Forests, and therefore believe in providing the best possible care to our local trees during their lifetime.

About Loren Myers

Loren Myers
Loren Myers

My brother Josh and I have always been very close. Growing up, we both shared a love for the outdoors . Before my brother became an Arborist, I was a rock climbing enthusiast. Naturally, I was excited when Josh began to "show me the ropes" of tree care and tree climbing. Outside of tree care I can also be found at my second job as a mail carrier for USPS, or working on constructing my home.